Helsinki Artist Residency 2024: Aria Farajnezhad

The Helsinki Artist Residency 2024 goes to the artist Aria Farajnezhad. In a two-stage process with a pre-selection in Bremen, the jury in Helsinki chose Aria Farajnezhad: ‘We were particularly impressed by his recent work, which employs collaborative interventions to challenge and reimagine dominant historical narratives through participatory workshops and public installations,’ the jury in Helsinki said.

From mid-August to mid-November 2024, Aria Farajnezhad will live and work on the island of Suomenlinna in Helsinki hosted hy the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP). ‘I am curious to research and find out more about how the “European exceptionalism” translates into artworks in the public space in Helsinki and I am looking forward to connecting with the local art/activist scene and other international cultural workers at HIAP’, says this year’s Helsinki resident.

Aria Farajnezhad’s work explores sound and image and encompasses a variety of media, the use of which he describes as speculative forensics. He completed his Meisterschüler studies with Natascha Sadr Haghighian at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2022.

Most recently, Farajnezhad took part in the group exhibition of the nominees for the 47th Bremen Young Artists Award for Fine Arts, Städtische Galerie Bremen, and led the workshop ‘A Rehearsal to Scuttle a Monument’ at GAK Bremen. Farajnezhad has had residencies in Italy, Austria, Croatia, Lebanon and Germany. His works have been shown in exhibitions, film screenings and events in Germany and abroad.